Head Gasket Copper Spray

In the modern internal combustion engine, the head gasket separates the engine block and the engine head by providing sealing. This sealing is crucial to keep the coolant and water out of the combustion engine. The head gasket also plays an important role in ensuring that the car engine has the required amount of torque. If things should go bad with the head gasket, the coolant leaks and results in reduction in the engine power and total failure may be the end result. It is essential to replace the head gasket when sealing is not proper, but sometimes, it is possible to simply patch the leak with different tools such as a head gasket copper spray.

Replacing the head gasket takes a lot of labor and it is for this reason that the head gasket replacement is a costly repair task. DIY car owners are more interested in fixing car problems on their own without seeking the help of professionals. If the head gasket is completely blown out, replacement is the only choice. On the other hand, if you are able to follow the instructions on disassembling and assembling the car parts for reaching the head gasket, you can fix gasket issues with the help of a head gasket copper spray as long as the problem is not severe.

The high temp head gasket copper spray typically acts as a sealer, fixing leaks in the head gasket. The coolant sealer is usually present on the surface of the head gaskets. There is no need to re-torque these gaskets in general, but most of the mechanics will tell you to perform re-torqueing for optimal results. For the older gaskets, spraying of a coolant spray should be done slightly differently. Copper is present on both faces of old head gaskets and so, the high temp sealant should be sprayed lightly on both sides. Re-torqueing is a mandatory step for older head gaskets.

The decision about using a head gasket copper spray should be made depending on the type of the gasket used. A MLS gasket can be sprayed using a cooler sealant as copper is already sprayed. Factory head gaskets should not be sealed using sealant sprays as they are not made for it. Even though factory gaskets are much more durable, MLS gaskets are still used in many vehicles due to their versatility. It is generally sufficient to simply spray copper on both sides of MLS gasket without spraying the layers in between.

Many car owners who have had problems with the head gasket encourage the use of the head gasket copper spray that works flawlessly for years together. While sealing cracks is important, preparing the head and block surface by removing dirt and grime to ensure clean, smooth and flat surface is important too. If there are scratches, valleys, pits, debris or roughness on the head and block surface, it may cause abrasions on the head gasket.

Using a head gasket copper spray is a DIY method of fixing cracks in the head gasket. However, if the problem is because of a head and block surface, spraying the gasket will not solve the problem. In fact, it will cause more coolant leaks and ultimately result in engine failure. So, before attempting the repair, you should ensure that you understand head gasket problems properly.

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