Head gasket sealer

How does head gasket sealer work?

You don’t always have to replace a head gasket. It is possible to fix a head gasket leak effectively with a head gasket sealer. But how does this work? The sealant liquid is poured into the radiator of a cold engine.

When the engine is started and reached the operating temperature, the sealant liquid is distributed through the engine where it dries with the help of the heat of the engine and seals the damaged head gasket as it hardens. The advantage of a head gasket sealer is that it not only fills the cracks in the head gasket but also seals small cracks found in the cylinder head.

Why use a head gasket sealer?

The cost to repair a head gasket is quite high, not because of the price of the head gasket but because of the hours that has to be spent to replace the head gasket. The best thing you can do is to replace the head gasket, but if your car isn’t worth putting these kind of costly repairs into, or if you do not plan on keeping it much longer or you just don’t have the money for it, using a head gasket sealer is a good fix.

What kind of head gasket symptoms will a head gasket sealer fix?

The following problems and their symptoms can be fixed using a sealer:

  • A leak between coolant and cylinder resulting in a sweet smelling white exhaust smoke along with water droplets from the exhaust pipe when cooling water gets into the cylinder.
  • Coolant can reach the oil system, causing the oil to become thick
  • Oil can reach the coolant: If you notice a frothy formation on the dipstick, then the head gasket could be blown up
  • Chronic Engine Overheating: a consistently high temperature of the car engine will lead eventually to a blown head gasket, always keep an eye on the engine temperature gauge on the dashboard.

What kind of engines can a sealer be used on?

A head gasket sealer can be used with any type of closed water cooled engine. It does not matter if it is a car, motorcycle, truck or boat diesel or gasoline engine.

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