Bar’s Head Gasket Fix

The Bar’s Head Gasket Fix contains sodium silicate sealing liquid combined with various sized gasket sealing particles. The advantage of this combination is that it penetrates and fills the cracks and hardens to permenantly stop leaks.

Bar’s Head Gasket Fix

Bar’s Head Gasket Fix

The reason why this will seal the crack is that the high temperature of the combustion chamber (5000°F) will harden the sealing material to make it even stronger than the head gasket itself. Another advantage is that you can use Bar’s Leaks Head Gasket Fix with all types of antifreeze (conventional green or blue, Silicate-Based, and extended life red/orange or yellow, OAT/HOAT, coolant) and water cooled gasoline and diesel engines and that you don’t have to drain the cooling system.

Repairs the following problems:

  • Block Leaks
  • Cracked Cylinder Heads
  • Blown Head Gaskets

Function: Repairs Blown Head Gaskets & Cracked Heads
Bottle Size: Net Wt. 24 oz. (567g)
Dosage: 1 to 1.5 gallons cooling capacity use ½ bottle. 1.5 gallon to 4 gallon cooling capacity use 1 bottle. Larger systems use 1 bottle for every 4 gallons of coolant capacity.
Case: Available by the bottle or 4 each per case pack

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