K-Seal coolant leak repair

The K-Seal coolant leak repair mixes with all types of glycol based coolant and antifreeze and can be used for all cars, buses, motorbices, trucks, agricultural machinery and construction vehicles with Water Cooled gas and diesel engines.

K-Seal solv-tec 16oz bottle

K-Seal Coolant Leak Repair

K-Seal can be used to seal cracks in the head gasket, radiator, heater core, freeze plugs, water pump casing and metal components of the cooling system.

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How does it work?

When there is a crack in a system it generates a low pressure area and when the K-Seal liquid flows through this damaged area it finds this low pressure area and fills the cracks or holes with ceramic micro-fibres and copper.

How to use K-Seal coolant leak repair?

Before you begin you have to shake the bottle for at least 30 seconds to ensure that the contents are evenly mixed. Pour the contents of the bottle into the radiator or overflow tank. It is advisable to premix the contents of the K-Seal sealant with 1 to 2 quarts of water, to ensure effective dispersal into the cooling system, if you are adding the K-Seal to the overflow tank. Start the engine and wait till it has reached operating temperature. Within 1 to 3 minuted the leak will stop. It is save to add another bottle of K-Seal when the leak has slowed but not stopped completely (particularly with headgasket failures), most of the time this will stop the leak. K-Seal is succesful in around 80% of the times it is used.

You don’t have to remove the K-Seal sealant form the radiator as it will continue repair leaks as they happen.

Never add K-Seal to any other system than the cooling system.

What does it contain?

The K-Seal sealant contains ceramic micro-fibres and copper fines of varying size. The varying sizes of the ceramic micro-fibres and copper fines ensures a fast and permanent seal of all cracks in the cooling system. The crack or hole is completely filled with with the K-Seal sealant. The advantage of using copper in the K-Seal sealant that it has a positive effect to the strength and it also helps to conduct that across the crack or hole. It is also save to use with copper, bronze or aluminium radiator cores.

K-Seal sealant

You can use the standard 8oz K-Seal™ sealant for cooling systems up to 20 quarts capacity, for cooling systems with a capacity up to 50 quarts you can use the 16oz Heavy Duty product.

K-Seal Heavy Duty sealant

The K-Seal Heavy Duty sealant can be used for all trucks, buses, Agricultural Equipment and Construction Vehicles with water cooled engines. The 16oz bottle of K-Seal can be used with cooling systems with a capacity up to 50 quarts. Use 2 bottles of K-Seal HD sealant if you have a cooling system above 50 quarts capacity.

Disconnect the water filter if your vehicle’s cooling system is fitted with a water filter before using the K-Seal sealant otherwise it is advisable to replace the water filter after using the sealant.

The K-Seal HD sealant will permanently seal leaks in the head gasket, block, cylinder head, radiator, heater core, freeze plugs and water pump casing.

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