Repairing a Head Gasket – Is It Possible?

The combustion process which actually powers up the engine and makes your car run produces a lot of heat and pressure. The head gasket is typically a sealant that ensures that the engine and cylinder can withstand the heat and pressure. By sealing the combustion chamber, it will prevent the oil and coolant system from mixing up. Due to the continuous stress involved, the gasket must be in optimal working condition to protect the internal parts of your car. Premature failing of gasket is common and if this is not attended, it can result in failure of the engine. When you have a problem with the gasket, you have to take it to a mechanic for inspection.

Repairing a Head Gasket

The constant question that bugs every car owner with a blown head gasket is whether it can be repaired. On the internet, you can find numerous kits for repairing the gasket and this is very promising. Repairing a head gasket and restoring its working condition is possible, but this is not true for all the cases. As long as there are minor leaks and cracks with the gaskets, they can be repaired. Typically, the repair involves adding a sealant to the gasket to seal the cracks to restore the condition of the gasket. The repair kits found on the internet are not very expensive and they are worth the try.

Repair or Replacement – Which Is a Better Choice?

When you take your car to a mechanic with problems related to the head gasket, he may suggest either to repair or replacement of the gasket, as two different solutions if the problem with the gasket is nothing major. You may be interested in repairing a head gasket rather than replacing it, assuming that it can be less expensive. Typically, the cost of repair and replacement depends on how well you can handle your car.

If you are a half mechanic yourself and you can follow the manual to reach the gasket in your car all on your own, then you can use the head gasket repair kits and do the repair on your own. You have to be careful while removing the components of your car because any improper placement can lead to total failure. After using the repair kit, you have to place the gasket at the right place and ensure that it fits properly.

Most of the car owners are not confident enough to mess with their vehicle parts and they take their cars to trusted mechanics. A majority of the cost of repairing a head gasket goes towards labor cost because there is a lot of work involved in reaching the gasket. If you are letting a mechanic do the job of repairing the gasket, it is better to go for replacement. Once a gasket starts to create trouble, you will find yourself going for replacement sooner rather than later. So, investing in replacement of gasket is much better because the labor involved is the same. Also, when you take your car to a mechanic to deal with gasket issues, make sure that the mechanic also checks the coolant system and thermostat to ensure that engine overheating doesn’t cause gasket failure once again.

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