Repairing a Head Gasket without Any Disassembly

A blown head gasket is often a problem that many car owners have to face and it takes a lot of time to disassemble car engine to get to the gasket. Especially, with newer model cars with brand new engines, it may take more than six hours for a professional car mechanic to reach the gasket. Assembling the parts takes another six hours or so and that is why repairing a head gasket is a big deal for mechanics. Most of the expert car mechanics don’t generally advice repairing gasket because replacing the entire part can save much trouble in the future as repairing and replacing typically demand the same manual labor.

Engine Disassembly Issues

Sometimes, your car head gasket may exhibit only minor leaks and cracks that can be later sealed with sealant liquids. However, the manual labor involved in just reaching the gasket is too much to ignore and not many car mechanics are experts in disassembly. A series of tests have to be run before and after disassembly to ensure that everything is in its place. Even if a stud has a wrong torque, it can lead to poor performance. As replacing and repairing a head gasket takes a lot of time, many car owners simply put up with overheating cars and damage their engines in the future.

Head Gasket Repair Cost without Disassembly

A new solution for repairing a head gasket is available and fortunately, this solution doesn’t demand any disassembly. A patented product called Steel Seal is now available and you can purchase it using the internet. This product claims to seal the gasket without disassembling the engine.

Repairing a head gasket

SteelSeal: Repairs Blown Head Gaskets

This means that repairing the gasket can be done on your own without any professional assistance because adding the sealant product to your existing coolant system is no big deal. These days, many mechanics prefer using this product when they get cars with blown head gasket symptoms.

The repair cost for a failed gasket is much less with the use of this product. There is typically no manual labor involved and you only have to pay for the product. The instruction to use this product is pretty simple and all you need to do is add the head gasket sealer solution to your coolant system when your engine is cold. The sealant works by repairing the molecular structure of the gasket metal and thereby enabling the gasket to work again. Both steel and aluminum gaskets can be repaired with this sealant solution and it can be used in petrol and diesel vehicles.

Steel Seal product is supposed to have higher success rates, but this product can only work with leaks and cracks in the head gasket. Some mechanics don’t recommend using this product because flattening the cylinder head and engine warps requires technical expertise. After adding the sealant solution, you should run your car engine to reach a temperature of 210F and then cool down a few times on the same day. Even though this solution is made to work for anyone, professional assistance is still needed to ensure that you use this product in the right way when repairing a head gasket.

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